A Little About John Fuhrman

John grew up in Pierce County and has been pracrticing law in Puyallup since he began his career back in 1993.  John has become well respected in his community for his legal knowledge and exemplary client service. Most of John's clients come to him by way of referals from community members and formr clients. 

A former Field Artillery officer in the Washington Army National Guard, John commanded  a unit in Baghdad, Iraq from February 2004 through March of 2005 where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and More!

Have you been falsely accused of Domestic Violence? John can help you.

Defending Hunters Rights!

John is an outdoorsman who has been hunting and fishing throughout Washington since his youth. Like many other outdoorsmen, John also believes that the laws and regulations effecting hunters and fishermen have gone too far.  John knows that the vast majority of  citizens charged with violations of the Fish and Wildlife laws have, if at all, violated these laws unknowingly through an honest mistake. Yet these same, otherwise law abiding citizens, end up being charged with a criminal offense and risk the loss of their firearm(s) and equipment.  And it's no wonder. Today's Fish and Wildlife laws are among the most confusing one can find anywhere.  If you've been charged over a hunting violation, call John today at (253) 848-7788.